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Grzegorz Janik is the new sales director of EXIDE

After a year's break, Grzegorz Janik returns to the start-up and supply batteries industry, taking over at the beginning of May 2019 the position of sales director at the Poznań battery factory EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES.

Grzegorz Janik began his career in the battery industry in 2004, taking up employment at ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. as an export manager. In 2012, he was promoted to the vice-director, then as export director. From January 2017 to March 2018, he was the vice president of the company's management board.


While working at the battery factory in Piast, Janik collaborated with Krzysztof Paulus, who shaped it to a certain extent. What's more, Krzysztof Paulus has worked in the Center since 1973 for 28 years, of which the last 8 years as the president of the board of the Poznan battery factory. Krzysztof Paulus continued his career from 2001 for the next 15 years in ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A., where he was the vice president of the board and general director. In 2016, he retired. It can be said that in this place history is coming round, because Krzysztof Paulus was one of the major "masters" of Grzegorz Janik in a battery-operated business. In a sense, Paulus' spirit returns to Poznan.

But it would be quite unpleasant to leave this article like that because Grzegorz Janik is not only an important champ along the way, he is a manager with several years of experience in the field of starter and power batteries. He is a person in the times of which ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A. achieved outstanding commercial results in exports. Grzegorz Janik speaks fluent English and Russian, perfect German and French. Janik is the manager of the younger generation, before whom he has the best professional period because he has accumulated a lot of experience, and a relatively young age will provide him with at least 10 years of work at the highest turnover.

Congratulations to EXIDE that she has finally set herself up as an expert. I am convinced that with such a manager at the helm of EXIDE in a short time he will regain the position of the leader on the Polish market. I am consciously writing back, because looking at the volume of sales in Poland, EXIDE company is obviously number 1, but nevertheless, I mean the mentality of a leader who should shape, create and develop the market. Large corporations most often deal with "exploring" the market, not building it, in this case, we are dealing with Exide, which is the owner of the Centra brand, and it still symbolizes the tradition of the best Polish batteries.

Grzegorz, I wish you successes in the new job, although I doubt that you will work too long in EXIDE TECHNOLOGIES in Poland. I am afraid that in Milton (US headquarters of EXIDE) you will see your potential and you will have a career ahead of us, going beyond our small 38 million-year-old backwater.

I would also like myself and the industry to turn out to be a person perceiving modern media whose role in an increasingly globalized society becomes as important as 100 years ago the press or 30 years ago television. You are the youngest manager of such a high level in battery factories in Poland and I hope that, amidst the enormous amount of duty, you can see AKUBIZ as one of the EXIDE directors did before you *.

Greetings soon!

Robert Mazurek

Editor in Chief